[REVIEW] The Danish Girl


When I first saw the trailer for this movie, the reason why I actually wanted to watch it was because of my love for the LGBTQ+ community. I have always been supportive of it and seeing something like this being represented in the movies made me happy. I never knew of Eddie Redmayne, but I was truly intrigued and excited to see it. Unfortunately, life happened for me, and eventually I forgot when this was shown until the day that Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them came out. Seeing Eddie reminded me of this movie and fast forward to November 2016, I finally managed to watch it.

I was blown away by the movie, in all honesty. It was perfect in every way for me. The acting, the cinematography, the silence, the music, and the story itself. But I also have to admit that this was a really heavy one. Although I was squealing at the cuteness that is of this couple (and of Eddie Redmayne ofcourse), when we got into the middle and the end, I was so stressed out; there was this very heavy feeling in my heart. I felt for Lili but most of all I felt for Gerda. What love that is to keep on pushing despite all of a sudden your husband turning in a wife and you aren’t sure what you’re to expect. I meant, admittedly, they still love each other, but the whole complications of it. It proved to me that sometimes, love isn’t enough, which isn’t exactly bad, but it was sad. But damn, their love really went through it all. Her love helped him (and eventually her) in all aspects. Her love resonated how love was described in the bible for me. So patient. So kind. And although he, who later became, she, went with somebody, and I know that people would think that they’re together (Lili and Hendrik), I think for Lili he wanted to be with these guys (even Hans at some point) because they make her feel like a woman, while Gerda, who still longs for her husband, doesn’t. But it also doesn’t mean she doesn’t love Gerda anymore. See? It’s all fucking complicated I feel like my head exploded thinking all about this again.

But indeed, what a wonderful story. And sad. I have read the true story ofcourse and there are parts that aren’t the same as the movie, but still, speaking of what I have watched, what a love that is.

Okay, now I have to speak about Eddie Redmayne for a bit. Or a lot. Because, how can I not. What a really dazzling and exquisite performance! I saw in his eyes, a loving man at the beginning. He’s silent and mysterious but he truly loved her. When he was holding the gown, I saw the conflict in his eyes, and the restlessness of his heart, the worry, the questions, and at some point, the answers, all in that one moment. He played the character so flawlessly, I felt really stressed about him in the whole movie. And in a way, pissed, for I felt for Gerda the most. Also Alicia! She was phenomenal! I absolutely felt for her character it drove me mad at some point how she could still handle everything. Honestly, both were PHENOMENAL and I can’t think of any other who could’ve played these characters. Wonderful. Amazing. Just…. GLORIOUS.

Hats off, for me it’s a 10/10. I can’t even deal with it again at this point. But I truly, wholeheartly recommend it to anyone. Also have a drink while watching it, it really is a heavy one. I’ll be keeping this one in my heart and mind…a reminder that there is a love that makes you courageous, you defy all odds and despite the odds, this love, stays and never leaves.


The Journey to Mt. Batolusong

My friend JV has been asking me to go with them for a hike since this summer but I never gotten the time to actually do so. So when the labor day (US) came, I decided this would be the perfect time to do it. So I told him about it and he gathered up people who would want to come. Rex and Arnette wanted to come but since they’re both sickly they couldn’t, so they stayed home and just waited for our updates (we did meet up with them on the night of the second day to celebrate JV’s birthday though!). Willy sacrificed his Baler trip, to accommodate our request, and then JV’s brother’s friends came with us too. A total of 9 people signed up to go, and we were supposedly hiking on September 3, 2016 and then down on September 4, 2016 around the afternoon. Well, things didn’t go as planned, and I decided to blog all about it here 🙂 Enjoy the read! And thank you! ♥

DAY 01

I was supposedly going with Rex but he turned out sick the very day of the hike, so I just went ahead with Willy instead. I met up with him around 2-3 hours late than specified time due to troubles along the way and managed to arrive at 3PM at Pure Gold Commonwealth. I was told it was going to be a 3-4 hours ride to San Andres in Tanay and I knew I was going to pass out at some point lol. We rode his motorbike and onwards we drove towards Tanay, around 2-3 hours of travel, we stopped by a gas station and called JV up to tell him where we are and to ask him for directions. We found out, sadly, that we have passed the correct route and we have to come back. We asked around and found out that the baranggay we needed to go to is a 2 hours drive. Much to our dismay, we turned back and headed the correct way.


I apparently have no concern for danger, as I take photos to show friends in chat that I really am behind Willy and riding his motorbike. lol. I probably, shouldn’t do this again… xD

We managed to arrive at the baranggay 30 minutes later. Now I don’t know if Willy was driving too fast too furious, lol, or the directions and prediction by the people around the area are just waaaaaaaaay off. We got there with the sun already down and JV with his brother’s friends were waiting for us since 11 AM. I admit this was my fault, as I should’ve known better. Sorry guys. We didn’t go on with the evening hike as it was going to cost us 1,250 php per tour guide, and one tour guide only takes in 5 people at most, there were 9 of us, so that would be around 2,500 php because the tour guide will have to sleep with us up on the mountain. The morning hike is cheaper at 500 php only, so we decided to sleep it off near the baranggay hall. JV set up two tents for all of us and around 9PM after eating and talking a bit about things, we, well, JV, Willy and I, decided it was off to bed for the 3 of us, the kids (JV’s brother’s friends) were still playing truth or dare, and sharing ghost stories and being scared until 1-2 AM. I guess it’s different when you’re older and you have to prepare at 3 AM and cook food for everyone. Haha!


These are the two tents we slept in, I slept with my friends on the left one because the rest of the kids all decided to sleep in one tent, although I am not even sure if they slept in it. Hahaha.

JV and Willy scared me until 11 PM though, kept on pushing to the corner and telling me somebody will sleep in the middle, and whispering stuff saying, “They’re coming…” and then threatening to leave the tent. Lol. It was a provincial baranggay so you can imagine there’s no lights, and the only thing you can hear are either insects, night animals or basically your imagination running wild. I managed to get a proper sleep at 1AM, which wasn’t too bad. I know it’s kind of a first world problem, and I shouldn’t even be problematizing about it, but after giving birth to my Saoirse, it has been really difficult for me to sleep on hard ground, I can only sleep sideways or on a proper mattress. I wasn’t like this before, but I think something happened to my spinal cord when I was giving birth… my doctor did say I have Coccyx III, still I was hoping there was no trouble like this, but yeah, whatever, I’d still go through with it. At least I managed to sleep despite it all.

DAY 02:

The moment my alarm went off, all 3 of us prepared to cook breakfast for the kids (lol). JV fixed up his butane burner, but gave up around an hour later and just had their land watcher (did I termed this correctly? sorry if I didn’t), cook the noodles and eggs for us. We ate for a while and then prepared to start the hike. We managed to start climbing around 6 AM. We registered on a sort of booth first, near the baranggay hall, and paid 40 php per person, and then we were given a tour guide. Kuya Dante, the man who watches the land that JV’s family owns, was to come with us because he was a tour guide before. It was a good thing he did, he was a great help to me until the very end of our trek!

We started off and I was thinking, you know, I can do this, it’s not going to be hard, and I would be on the top in no time. We were told the hike was going to be around 2 hours, and I was like, it would be easy, 2 hours isn’t too long. Yeah, that’s what’s going on my head while we were walking towards the actual hike. Ofcourse as a first time hiker, I didn’t know better. I should’ve known this was going to be one of the hardest things I’ll ever do in this lifetime, lol.


Here’s me, at the very end of the line, lol, slow as a snail, and not knowing what was going to happen to me in the next few hours.

After around 10 – 20 minutes of walking, I finally manage to feel how I needed exercise, and that I am getting too old for these things. Haha! Sitting infront of the computer for at least 40-60 hours per week, really, it doesn’t do good for your body and you only feel it when you start doing really active stuff. Kind of makes me want to cry, but you know, at least I got to experience something like this in this lifetime.

14233127_1256839074327602_6535541523885747254_n 14225555_1256839030994273_2003482682033806849_n 13615219_1256830717661771_4961078965832186545_n 14192614_1289975821026296_3506370089254077530_n

We passed by creeks, rice fields, really grassy areas and stops that has fresh water flowing somewhere. We refilled our tumblers every time we passed by these stops, until ofcourse, we were told that there wasn’t going to be any of those when we get to the high parts. We got to our first stop and I just had to tie my hair into a ponytail because trying to look good in photos isn’t the main issue anymore, lol, because the sweat dripping down my back, my face, all over my skin isn’t going to stop if I don’t help myself. So on the first stop, I decided to ask for an elastic band and fix my hair. We took several photos too, and I was already thinking that, you know, I have done so well and it’s going to be like that in the next few minutes, well, you know, I was very wrong.

14241426_1289976971026181_8800554039088941207_o 14184528_10154321695905568_4240368657263807482_n

We started the journey, UP at this point and honestly, I just started getting dizzy and wanting to vomit at some point. I was protecting my shoes from the water since I don’t like my socks getting wet, but you know, at some point, you’d stop caring. Cause if you keep on caring about how you look like or how your clothes look at this point of the game, you would totally miss out on a lot of things. I was slow I know, but I tried my best to keep on looking at how far I’ve come and thanking God I managed at least to get that far.

 14232474_1256829607661882_6322649111826640769_n14222288_10154321737315568_2348058406204754488_n 14206022_10154321696505568_448417266035084028_o 14192758_10154321737335568_122817040064606159_n

I stopped every few minutes, Kuya Dante and JV stayed with me most of the time, while the ones with better stamina, went up ahead of us with the other tour guide. I was really thankful because if no one was willing to stay with me, I don’t think I would’ve reached anything. Kuya Dante was the most patient, JV went ahead at some point, I was just really so slow. I wanted to be as fast as they are but my breathing was already heavy and my chest feels like it was going to burst. I know I am asthmatic and if I didn’t take stops as much as I did, I probably wouldn’t have gotten through all this and would’ve ended up in the hospital, which would’ve been a problem for the rest of the team. JV told me not to worry as we weren’t chasing any time and I can go my own pace as I want. I was thankful. It took the tension away because I was already stressing out that the rest are being held up by me.

We managed to catch up with them in the middle of the hike, we rested a bit and took photos 🙂

14211966_1290120664345145_9003281747056748463_n 14225354_1290133441010534_2456107125378566778_n 14232999_1290121941011684_1010538713649486319_n 14237547_1290140477676497_1459239858547970866_n 14241633_10154321696175568_5589734670003931957_o 14242201_10154321696300568_6928624319575758202_o 14249710_10154321696055568_2682345021298291138_o 14258172_10154321695990568_8164047526946337326_o

We started on the hike again and it was becoming even more difficult. I was warned by Kuya Dante ofcourse, that it would  become steeper once we got to this point, but he told me I’ll be alright and I can do it. So I continued on. We managed a few more stops and then we found ourselves in the Duhat Duhatan area, it has lots of Duhat Trees here that’s why it’s called that. There were some hikers who camped there and were just waking up when we arrived. We rested a bit, took photos and I decided to freshen up a bit and post on Facebook. The area was high enough there was signal for 3G and to call people.

14231137_10154321696465568_1092216229945354326_o 14258200_10154321696585568_1244689709255692744_o

JV at this point was already feeling sleepy. It’s really hard getting old. Hahaha! I wasn’t feeling dizzy or wanting to vomit anymore, at this point and I enjoyed the cold breeze that was passing through. It was nice to know I managed to get at this point. Kuya Dante said some people can’t even get to this point and I can actually go back if I wanted to, once I reach Duhat Duhatan. Ofcourse I never contemplated on going back, because you know, I wasn’t going to quit on this. I have already begun, thus I wanted to see this through until the very end.

We trudged on and although there were more slippery, steep and high parts that was too difficult for me to go through, a lot of people started helping me out. Several of the boys from JV’s brother’s friends walked on my pace and helped me through the hike. We got to the part where it wasn’t too high and you can just walk without encountering difficulties and I actually did manage to walk in front. The team applauded me for that, but then that didn’t last very long. Haha! I took pictures along the way because I was really happy I was at least walking with the rest of the team at some point.

The hike became steep again, so I was pushed to the back again, this time, with only Kuya Dante with me. We were reaching the top at this point, so they were all super excited to reach it as soon as possible.


We managed to reach the top and took a ton of photos to remember it by. There was still a Summit to go to with a sort of flag, but JV and I weren’t up for it anymore. Haha! The girls stayed with us, while the boys, with Willy in tow, decided to go reach the top of the Summit. I was sure Willy will go, he’s not the type to quit. JV and I didn’t feel the slightest jealous, lol, Willy can represent us, it’ll be fine. Haha!!!

14238210_10154321697405568_4341381172935511818_n 14249912_10154321697460568_4426402981880480701_o 14264023_10154321737455568_4834520479673813447_n

Sovereign’s Big Three 🙂 ♥

We decided to eat on top of the mountain, while enjoying the breeze and the bit of sun. We were planning to go to Kay-Ibon Falls after, as we’re all planning to get wet there and take a bath on the cave after the falls. So we ate a bit, took more photos and then decided to leave. Just as we were all going down though, the rain started pouring, really hard. Since JV, Carlo (one of JV’s brother’s friends) and Kuya Dante had backpacks with them (JV carried mine to help me through the hike), they all had to wear raincoats. And I, in all my fully clothed glory, was soaked in the rain. For a while it was funny, as I always dreamt of getting drenched in the rain with my dance crew members, but it was really a steep way down and I was sliding everywhere, so it wasn’t as amusing as I thought it would be. JV had me zip up my jacket so he can hold it and I wouldn’t slide around. The trek down to the Falls was really difficult, and long. It took us around 1 hour I think, before we reached the falls.


We rested here a bit, all drenched and tired. No one wanted to go through swimming around because one of the girls got leeched 😦 It was expected since it was raining and the water was raging down from the mountain, all dirt, all probable water thriving insect or animal with it. She got it from crossing the creek about 10 minutes away from the Falls. We decided to just take photos and then go back to the baranggay to get the much needed bath and go home.


We walked to the highway and rode a tricycle, which costs 160 php by the way, 40 php per person, and only 4 people can ride it. We had to leave 3 people, since there were 11 of us, and we just told them we’d fetch them right after we dress up and finish fixing our stuff. They agreed. We took a bath for like an hour or two, and then headed home. I basically slept through out the ride as I was super tired. My arms started to ache, this I think was because I was pulled several times throughout the hike. I slid by the falls too, while JV was right infront of me and not holding on to my jacket. It was a bad fall so I wasn’t surprised with the amount of bruises I had on my skin. My legs hurt a lot too.

I had a grand time however, it was one of the best times of my life. I never thought I’d be given a chance to go on hiking. The hike was only 2 hours supposedly, but because I was so slow, it took us 4-5 hours before we reached the top. I am so glad that most of the kids are patient and my friends didn’t leave my side through out all of this. Also, to Kuya Dante, who spoke bisaya fluently and was keeping me company, telling me stories, and keeping me sane through out the whole hike. I wouldn’t be climbing another mountain soon, but what an experience that was! Thank you all, for your patience and understanding. I wouldn’t have reached the top, got down and lived to tell the tale if it wasn’t for all of you 🙂 ♥

Picture Credits. Jhay-r Kaiser (Willy), Iya Luistro Pascua and Myself 🙂


[Review] Train to Busan (부산행)


If you haven’t watched Train to Busan yet, then you are missing a lot! I have not watched a movie this good in a few months! The movie is so good, my friends and I couldn’t speak right after watching it; and when we did found our tongues, we couldn’t stop talking about it!

The movie follows a Father who is taking his daughter to her Mother (yes, they’re separated, due to marital conflicts), who is in Busan. The journey begins when they get on the train without knowing that there is already an epidemic happening in Seoul and said epidemic rode their train with them. From one zombie to another, the whole train soon becomes full of these so called living-dead, walking, running, climbing and eating up every single one of the passengers who aren’t zombies yet. The passengers try their hardest to keep out of the zombies’ path and lock themselves in a car (carriage, I got that from Sherlock, haha!) and protect those who are still, well, alive.

Although the movie is quite reminiscent of World War Z when it comes to how the zombies turn so fast (a total of 6-9 seconds), the whole movie is still very Korean. It didn’t lose the Korean spirit, the Banjun (the reverse story), the gripping and heart wrenching story line, and the suspense that would get you screaming inside the cinema. I got lucky that the cinema we were in had watchers that were very active, they screamed, shouted, and expressed their emotions loudly, which made the whole experience even better. I love moviegoers like that. We all gripped our seats until the very end. Well done to the actors who portrayed their roles, I really applaud Ma Dong-Seok for the comedy and the courage his character showed, to Kim Soo-Ahn for the spirit and innocence, Gong Yoo for the bravery of a Father and the selflessness and realization his character went through the whole movie, and to my favorite, Jung Yu-mi, for the perfect portrayal of the pregnant mother who did everything to save her child inside, and the child she didn’t own but is now in her possession. Well done to all the other actors, especially the hateful character we have encountered throughout the whole movie!

I would watch that movie over and over again. 10/10.

You say Goodbye, and I say Hello!

Hello, Hello!

After almost 6 months of life’s drama, I am back to my blog. It’s been a while, I know no one actually reads this (probably just the hater/s), but I still wanna blog about the stuff I have experienced, the things I went through and ofcourse, my wonderful blessing, Saoirse Ashelia! I’d be blogging starting today, or tomorrow, once I get the full photos from our hike last weekend, which was awesome! Just waiting for Willy to get his 200+ photos up, since I haven’t got much on my phones (because iPhones basically suck when it comes to battery) and I wanted to give a blow by blow of my first hike ever 😀

Just want to give a wave to everyone who actually reads this, and here’s to hoping we all aim for a positive 2016. God bless you all, friends and haters alike. God loves us all equally, whether we are good or bad.


#BESTMARCHEVER Day 1, 03162016

Before I lose my shit again, I am going to start writing about what is undoubtedly, STILL, the #BESTMARCHEVER. In a certain point it is, but lets not delve into that; I have enough negativity in my life as it is and I think this trip deserves an entry that is not etched with sadness on my part.

Officially, day 1 begun on the 16th of March, I didn’t have any work in the morning and I had the pleasure of actually getting enough rest before going to the airport to meet my bestfriend, Nerie and one of my closest friends, Meg. It was fiasco on the 15th, due to my birthday and the apparent change of time for my job. The morning of the 16th was actually quite a fiasco on its own as well, due to our planned time of departure from home was moved from 10 AM to 8 AM as we were now allowed to use a different car. Nerie and I got to the airport early and later on found Meg while we were paying for the airport fee. Come check-in, Meg realized she left her Korean Visa at home (it was on an old passport! *gaspeu*), that caused a slight tinge of nervousness but then the day was saved by her Dad who brought the passport to the airport just in time. The waiting time was a bit fast than I would’ve imagined, but we managed to eat (thank you Meg for the treat!) and then wait a few more minutes before we were actually allowed to board the plane.

12988029_10153955459845568_93758516_nNerie, Meg & I. It’s effing hot in Manila we had to remove our coats XD

The journey itself has been a little bit silent, for the most part where I was weirded out why I am not scared of flights, lol, and listening to music (and then realizing that I didn’t get to charge the IPod Nerie lent me, bravo!). Eventually I decided to talk to my seatmate and was entertained with stories about how he lived in Korea and such, it made the ride better for me and in no time, realized that we were already landing in my most favorite country to date, South Korea. It was a good thing we already landed though, or else I would’ve been pushed to buying overly expensive plane food, which, NO.

Meg & Nerie on the plane 🙂
Was trying out Meg’s camera since I’m official photographer of this trip 😛

We got inside Incheon International Airport and was shocked at how ultra long the line for immigration is. That actually took as around an hour or two, waiting in line. When we got down to collect our luggages, we found them already on the floor waiting for us. I decided to withdraw money but then realized I didn’t get to activate it in the Philippines! How stupid! But then again, on my last trip to Korea (exactly 8 years back) there was no requirements like this from BPI. Which sucked. I had no extra money. It’s a good thing you have your bestfriend with you, always ready to help out, I managed to survived on the 300,000 Won she lent me before I can actually withdraw from my own account (with special thanks to my cousin Jenny for working this out). We managed to miss out on the BUS and almost missed out on the LAST TRAIN HOME, lol, but we got to the AIRBNB House we rented just fine at around 12MN or 1, I already forgot. We settled in a bit and went out to find a place to eat.

12992167_10153955459905568_773462958_nWhile waiting for the airport train~ 😀 My eyebags says hello! Lol.

12968523_10153955459995568_251887603_nArrival at the AIRBNB House we rented, located at a building called Tres Belle, lol! No shit.

We found this really nice place that offered comfort Korean food, and dig in we did. I already forgot the name of the place, so forgive me if I won’t put it up here. Although, it was just across the street, near the other exit of Hapjeong station (ours was Exit 4, that one was across the road).

I forgot what kind of soup that is but its free and delicious lol, there’s Kimbap & Mandu! 😀

After a bit of reporting to our loved ones at home, we managed to get some well deserved sleep.

12992133_10153955460055568_1566370519_nHere’s my stupid face, bidding my love ones goodnight. Haha!

After 8 long years, I was home again.

Pangako Sayo Book 2 121015 Episode

Screenshot 2015-12-11 04.18.39Screenshot 2015-12-11 04.19.10

“Ouch. Sabe ng carrots.” – Angelo to Yna, Pangako Sayo Book 2 121015 Episode

The plot thickens. LOL.

Screenshot 2015-12-11 04.12.20Screenshot 2015-12-11 04.13.00

Screenshot 2015-12-11 04.13.13Screenshot 2015-12-11 04.13.17Screenshot 2015-12-11 04.13.55Screenshot 2015-12-11 04.14.08Screenshot 2015-12-11 04.14.15Screenshot 2015-12-11 04.14.12Screenshot 2015-12-11 04.15.31Screenshot 2015-12-11 04.15.41Screenshot 2015-12-11 04.16.06Screenshot 2015-12-11 04.16.08

Indulge me as I make another review of a PSY (Pangako Sayo) episode just because I am feeling how the story is going right now. So where have I left off? Oh yes, Angelo and Yna being their fidgety, mentally going crazy and longing-for-each-other selves. This haven’t changed in the new episode, which progressed to an even difficult, yet, amusing state for Yna as Ligaya enters her world and finds out how Angelo dotes on this new woman in his life. The closeness ofcourse suffocates poor Yna’s heart, but she’s trying to grasp the fact that, in the years that passed by, another actually did captured Angelo’s (now Gelo) attention. She ofcourse wouldn’t notice that this was what was going on Angelo’s mind whilst watching her and David share moments right before his very eyes. Yna, trying to make herself look unaffected, shows an overly cheery self infront of Ligaya, to which probably makes Angelo happy to see her smiling, without noting why this was so. Life continues on for David, not noticing anything, he kisses Yna’s cheeks, and quickly dissolves Angelo’s resolve. LOL.

Screenshot 2015-12-11 04.17.50Screenshot 2015-12-11 04.17.52Screenshot 2015-12-11 04.18.00Screenshot 2015-12-11 04.18.18Screenshot 2015-12-11 04.18.22Screenshot 2015-12-11 04.18.23Screenshot 2015-12-11 04.18.25Screenshot 2015-12-11 04.18.28Screenshot 2015-12-11 04.18.35Screenshot 2015-12-11 04.18.43Screenshot 2015-12-11 04.19.02Screenshot 2015-12-11 04.19.11

In the kitchen comes the challenge, as Angelo & Ligaya are both set to work in the kitchens with Yna from now on. Yna about to cut people’s throat if you ever come near her while Angelo & Ligaya are talking, endures and tries to go forward despite what she is feeling (and instead chopping the poor vegetables in uneven “artistically experimented” cuts). Angelo ofcourse doesn’t notice this, as he’s trying hard to be his cheery self as well while playing around with Ligaya. He steps back, takes something under the table, smiles at Yna and she smiles right back, which I am pretty sure, sent him to amounts of giddiness he hasn’t felt in 2 years. He plays with Ligaya again, smile plastered on his face, which ofcourse Yna didn’t notice was because of her smiling towards him. It ends with her sad face shown whilst watching Ligaya & Angelo happy.

Okay, seriously, LOL.

This is reality in its finest. How often we do not notice what’s actually going on around us and failing to recognize the signs that we are looking for so badly. Good to look outside the box, but bad we’d have to be so frustrated with this two who obviously love each other so badly. Quite endearing to watch Angelo still though. I hope they really stick to this new behaviors and facial expressions or else I’ll be back on OTWOL (On The Wings Of Love) staring at Clark’s face.

Screenshot 2015-12-11 04.19.55Screenshot 2015-12-11 04.20.13

Ah, AmorAdo is about to come in the storyline again so expect I’d be updating on that too if it becomes interesting enough as Angelo to blog about. LOL.

Screenshot 2015-12-11 04.16.48Screenshot 2015-12-11 04.16.47

Also, let me comment about Lia’s “friends” who obviously are in a public school but acting as if they’re in an exclusive all girls school in the United States, or rather, any highschool in the US. HAHA. The amount of bullying is so out of place and the attitude is seriously making me vomit. The Lia arc isn’t working for me. Like Jigs in OTWOL, that part is a waste of time. Focus more on the real issue of the story. Lia is just a rebellious kid who doesn’t understand what was really going on and is making no room for understanding. She’s playing the I-got-abandoned-card without actually realizing that Angelo was too and he was doing well despite all of it. Meh. That usual crap is just, honestly, it is promoting for kids to feel okay doing that. Which, please. Let them understand and learn.

Oh wow, I rage ranted. LOL.

Screenshot 2015-12-11 04.15.35Screenshot 2015-12-11 04.14.06

I feel for Ligaya this early by the way. We all know how Ligaya & Angelo ends. Cause come on, this story is about Angelo & Yna, the heartbreak would reveal right before her very eyes and I wouldn’t doubt she would feel like she was used at some point. Here comes another, “I do not deserve to be loved cause no one obviously thinks I am worthy of their love” rant from her. Oh Ligaya.

Pangako Sayo Book 2 120815 Episode

First and foremost, I do not, with conviction, actually ship KathNiel. This being said, although I do appreciate Kathryn’s beauty and Daniel’s good looks, I do not actually support them in anyway (unless you count me tweeting and hash tagging while I am watching the show). I watch Pangako Sayo mainly for Amor & Eduardo, the outcome of their love story and their reunion with their alive daughter, Yna. Angelo is ofcourse, a main lead, but he is an end to a means for me. I, in no way, find him interesting.

Well, before Book 2 ofcourse.

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Suprisingly, and much appreciated, I have come to like this whole new character. He’s an old character but he feels kind of new to me. The fragility to the character, the weakness and the softness brought about by what he has gone through reflected so well through his actions and his facial expressions. I commend Daniel Padilla for his acting on this one. I never once thought I’d actually come to like him, but it turns out it was possible! I find this twist to the character endearing, and almost adorable to the point of wanting to hug him for all the hurts and the pains he’s gone through all these years. It made me want to watch the episodes live, and rewatch it again just to look at his face…how the pain, the past, the sadness plays out on his features reminds me so much of Matsumoto Jun’s character in Hana Yori Dango. It’s all in the eyes. Daniel Padilla, although didn’t exactly laid it out just like that yet, he has laid it out beautifully in his own way. I am a huge fan of Matsumoto Jun’s Domyouji Tsukasa, so this is an enormous compliment coming from me. Makes me wonder if I’d actually watch Daniel’s other films and see for myself if he’s really up to par, or making his way up there. Good job!

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The scene that actually captured me for this episode that made me want to write this blog entry is the one where he was inside the kitchen and watching Yna cook, fidget, mentally go crazy and basically just be her usual self around him…after 2 years of being separated, albeit quite horrifically. He looks on, appreciates the closeness, moves like nothing ever changed, and notes how so much actually has changed over the years between him and Yna. His sad eyes lingering over her every movement, his ears hanging onto every word she utters, his body trying so hard to resist getting close and his heart, trying the hardest not to jump out of his chest as he attempts to ask the things he wants to know in the most nonchalant way he could possibly can. Ofcourse, often times we see all his senses betray him, but that’s the beauty of the new Angelo see? How he’s so fragile, open, at times weak, and so real. The way he reacted when she sliced her finger, like it was a normal day for the both of them… just shows how time may fly, a lot of stuff may have changed…but some things just cannot be forgotten. Quite cliche-ish but actually so true.

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Excited for what will happen, even if I do know how this will turn out since I did follow the old version of Pangako Sayo because I had a huge crush on Jericho Rosales (who then plays Daniel’s character now). I hope they do not take out this whole new character, and let it play out like it is. Would love to see how he handles things like this. With more heart, not only for himself, but more so for other people whom he loves not because he needs them in his life, but genuinely, because he loves them and he cares of them more than he cares for himself.